What is the background of a Sales Engineer?

A Sales Engineer comes from a variety of engineering backgrounds whether it be in the electrical, aerospace, mechanical, or the biomedical field. Sales engineers are the connection between the customers they service and the technical product they have to offer. Companies are looking for students with knowledge of the fundamental concepts of their course of study and applying that to the specific industry they represent. For example, power management companies are looking for students with competence in the principles of electrical engineering and controls. Additionally, HVAC companies are looking for students with a satisfactory understanding in fluid dynamics and thermodynamics. Finally, construction companies desire students with adequate proficiency in structural engineering principles. The intention behind recruiting employees with this comprehension of technical subjects enables consultants to provide correct product solutions to a number of complicated systems.

What makes the Sales Engineer such a valuable asset?

Sales engineers possess a certain set of soft-skills, including technical knowledge, that allows them to facilitate long-term relationships between the many accounts they manage. Most of the work as a sales engineer, involves the day-to-day assurance that clients are maintaining strong ties with the company they represent. Sales engineers should possess a level of self-confidence that the product they provide guarantees customer satisfaction. Finally, sales engineers are equipped with adaptive communication skills due to the wide variety of industry members, of all positions, that they will encounter in the field. Additionally, SE’s may engage in outreach to potential customers with cold-calls, product presentations, and business meetings.

How much does a sales engineer make?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the mean annual wage for sales engineers was $104,660 annually as of 2014. Pay is a often a hybrid of salary and commission based pay. Competitive-salaries are frequent and provide incentive for employees to push the limits on the amount of customers they can satisfy.

See more about SE compensation: http://www.bls.gov/oes/current/oes419031.htm

Who hires sales engineers?

Undergraduates with a degree in various engineering fields are recruited by companies including, but not limited to:


HVAC – Trane, Norman S. Wright, Air Treatment Corporation, DMG, Johnson Controls

Electronics and Control Technology – Eaton, Schneider Electric, Siemens, Parker

Computer Technology – Cisco, Salesforce, Workday

Construction – EFCO, Hilti

Agriculture – RDO Equipment

The Sales Engineer's lifestyle

The sales engineering career provides a unique lifestyle found in very few careers today. Sales engineers frequently make a living off a hybrid of salary and commission-based pay. Traveling for work is often and frequent. The combination of these aspects provides for a competitive, stimulating work environment that keeps every day interesting.