List of Board Positions Available: Please read these descriptions for a brief description on what to expect in your role. For additional questions, email

VP of Accounts:

  • Leads sponsorship procurement

  • Manages sponsorship renewal process

  • Maintains corporate relationships (keeping them up to date on events)

  • Member of the board with all voting privileges

VP of Operations:

  • Assist the NSEC coordinator in host university to plan and market the competition

  • Executes marketing campaigns across all of our domains: Facebook & LinkedIn

  • Communicates with the general public on NSSE via our website

  • Manages month to month deliverables by following up with ALL other board members on a bi-weekly basis and ensures completion of those deliverables

  • Serves as President in the President’s absence in meetings

  • Member of the board with all voting privileges

VP of Membership:

  • Responsible for growing the NSSE member base

  • Serves as the liaison for universities starting sales engineering organizations and shows these organizations how to get involved and be affiliated with NSSE

  • Drives nation-wide university attendance at National Sales Engineering Competition (NSEC) by leading all of the NSSE chairs

  • Sends out competition updates to wider NSSE via email and Slack

  • Collaborates with VP of Operations to publish to social media as necessary

  • Collaborates with VP of Accounts to ensure sponsor representation at our events such as NSEC

  • Member of the board with all voting privileges

VP of Finance:

  • Creates NSSE annual budget for approval by the board

  • Ensures sponsorships, donations, and other funding are safely and directly deposited into our bank account

  • Develops a simple/innovative method for sponsors to make payments

  • Performs regular audits on finances to ensure we are compliant with state and federal tax law (IRS)

  • Files annual taxes with additional help if need be (responsible for seeking that additional help)

  • Member of the board with all voting privileges