Introducing the National Society of Sales Engineers

Welcome to the National Society of Sales Engineers! I’m excited that you have joined us on this exciting venture of bridging the gap between students searching for a new career path and employers looking to recruit top talent.

If you have found us as a Company looking to recruit top engineering students with sales engineering traits, congratulations you have a found an extensive network of college students! These students have a variety of technical degrees that embody the key sales engineering traits of technical acumen, business acumen and interpersonal skills!  The National Society of Sales Engineers (NSSE) is a non-profit organization that was founded for the advocacy and development of careers in technical sales. Feel free to join us at our upcoming annual National Sales Engineering Competition as a judge or just to scope out the talent. We also have opportunities for you to invest in these students, by volunteering your time to present topics at our monthly meetings or contribute to our newsletter. The more you invest the more you can ensure that these students are ready to thrive and succeed in your company upon graduation. Thank you to those who have sponsored our National Sales Engineering competition in the past and other endeavors. We appreciate your continued support.

If you have found us as a College Student, congratulations you have accomplished your first step in exploring the lucrative and satisfying sales engineering career! The National Society of Sales Engineers (NSSE) is a non-profit organization that was founded by students like yourself looking for alternative careers they could pursue with their technical majors. Our President, Nicole Rogers was attracted to sales engineering because it allowed her to use her engineering skills in a more social environment. Nicole enjoys the problem-solving aspect of projects and finding a solution that benefits both the customer and the producer. She hopes to use her combination of technical and interpersonal skills to create a successful career in Sales Engineering. Our Treasurer, Sam Belcastro initially explored sales engineering when he joined his local SSE chapter to learn how to communicate better with his future engineering colleagues and leadership. Instead at SSE he found a community where engineers got together to practice social skills and help enable others to solve problems. Sam soon realized that sales engineering was a career where you are given complex technical problems, and you have a sandbox of tools, from your employer, that you can use to solve the problems. Today, he views sales engineering as a way to really understand and help solve problems in industry. Our Secretary, Rahul Sengupta’s traits of being competitive and a holistic thinker attracted him to the sales engineering career. Rahul possesses the ability to think about engineering problems holistically in terms of the impact it has on business outcomes. Rahul feels that being a big picture thinker and being able to articulate minute details into a broader, grander vision is why sales engineering is such a great career match. His competitive nature helps him to continuously compete with himself to get better at his craft and add even greater value to those around me.  Our COO, Bernadette Poduska really enjoyed working with others and combining science with business. Since a young age, Bernadette wanted to directly impact people’s lives through engineering. Through Sales Engineering, she has found she can assist companies in their engineering/business solutions to drive forth their success. Our CSO, Jonathan Samuelson has been characterized as a teacher on many personality tests. Jonathan’s innate teaching characteristic ignites his passion during client engagements as he truly loves to share information that will benefit his customers and peers. Conversely, Jonathan has also developed learning as a key trait, enabling him to stay current & relevant to his customers and his company. Lastly, Jonathan loves a highly independent role where he can self-start and self-motivate.

My journey was a bit different as I didn’t start sales engineering right out of college. I started my career as a software engineer and found sales engineering 5 years later by accident. I loved the personal interaction with customers and helping them solve complex problems for their companies. It was a dream match for my passion of technology and helping others. This discovery turned into a lucrative 25 year career both as a sales engineer and sales engineering leader.  If you feel that you relate to Nicole, Sam, Rahul, Jonathan, Bernadette or my journey, welcome to a community where you will be able to develop and enhance your skills. We have many opportunities to help you graduate with the sales engineering skills most companies want to hire. One is our National Sales Engineering Competition and our upcoming, soon to be announced, national convention. We are also planning to have monthly meetings and newsletters to help you stay engaged and continue learning.

2018 will be a great year for the National Society of Sales Engineers. We look forward to continuing our mission of advocacy and development of careers in technical sales!


Yvette Edwards, CEO

National Society of Sales Engineers