Happy Fall Sales Engineers from NSSE!

Happy Fall Sales Engineers! Everyone is now well into the new school year and heading towards midterm season. For those in your Senior year, you are now approaching Career Fair season. If you are actively contemplating a sales engineering career, I wanted to share with you my recent conversation with our new Academy SEs at VMware.

I recently spent time with four Class of 2018 graduates: Gabby Buckles, University of Central Florida, Elizabeth Davis, George Washington University, Puja Shah, University of Texas Dallas, and Sofia Blasini, Georgia Tech. These new sales engineers are deep into their 6 month training program at VMware. When I spoke to them they were preparing for their NSX (Network Virtualization) certification exam. Although, they had spent the week cramming for the network and security exam, they had also been busy role playing and practicing presentation skills.

I asked them what advice they would give fellow college students who were interested in pursuing a sales engineering career. Here is their advice as you enter the last years of your college career.

  1. Focus on learning your core engineering major. Technical acumen is a strong foundation.

  2.  Add a business class, presentation class or communication class to your schedule. If time permits, look for a sales curriculum at your school and add a few of those classes.

  3. Be collaborative. Enjoy working in groups and learn how to thrive in a team environment.

  4. Enjoy learning. Learn to learn. Prepare to be a lifelong learner. You will always be learning as a Sales Engineer!

  5. Join a Sales Engineering club to practice presentation, role-playing and sales skills.

Overall, Gabby, Elizabeth, Puja and Sofia were enjoying the start of their sales engineering career. They will continue to learn more VMware technology as the months go by, but their focus will always be on customer outcomes. As you enter into the last years of your college career, what Sales Engineering questions do you have for us here at the National Society of Sales Engineer? Please send your comments and questions. Don’t forget about our upcoming Virtual competition in the Spring where you will be able to practice all these skills. Till then, Good luck on your midterms!!


Yvette Edwards, CEO

National Society of Sales Engineers