Our Purpose

The National Society of Sales Engineers is a

non-profit organization dedicated to the advocacy and development of careers in technical sales.


Our Story

It All Started With A Group of Students





Building Relationships


The Beginning

The National Society of Sales Engineers first became an idea after students from California Polytechnic University successfully hosted the first National Sales Engineering Competition.

After attending the first National Sales Engineering Competition, students from the University of Central Florida and Iowa State University decided to join Cal Poly in hosting this now rotating competition.

As the National Sales Engineering Competition grew, students and sponsors from across the nation uncovered the need for an organization that advocates for the technical sales profession and a platform for students to learn about technical sales.

We wanted to reduce recruiting costs for businesses, and create career paths for students.

Building Relationships


We knew we would need to build relationships with students and organizations alike.

We like to build partnerships by hosting quality events. We want to ensure that our events are building the skills that our partnering organizations are looking for, and we want to make sure that students are having fun while learning these skills. Today we have partnered with organizations such as Trane, Consolidated Electrical Distributors, Timken, Greenlee, Veritas, and more.


Our Leadership Team

Sam Belcastro


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Ted Kursevicius


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Bernadette Poduska


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Yvette Edwards

Chief Executive Officer

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Jonathan Samuelson

Chief Strategic Officer

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Tanner Drake


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